Whisker’s Game-Changing Self-Cleaning Litter Box



Automated Self-Cleaning: Eliminates daily scooping, reducing unpleasant odors and the time you spend on litter box maintenance.
Smart Technology:  Sync with your smartphone for real-time updates, insights into your cat’s health, and litter status notifications.
Ramp Design: Provides easy access, especially for older cats or those with mobility issues, while also catching stray litter particles.
Wellness Monitor: More than just cleanliness, it offers peace of mind by keeping a check on your feline’s health.
Eco-Friendly:  Designed to reduce litter wastage, ensuring you get the most out of your cat litter purchase.

Initial Cost: Priced higher than traditional litter boxes due to its advanced features.
Electricity Dependent: Requires power to function, which may be a concern during outages.
Tech Learning Curve:  Some pet owners may need time to familiarize themselves with the Connect feature.


What People Like About the Litter-Robot 3 Connect & Ramp by Whisker:
1. Stress-Free Maintenance: Users love the convenience of a self-cleaning mechanism that ensures their pets always have a clean space.
2. Smartphone Connectivity: Being able to receive notifications and monitor their cat’s litter box from their phone is a hit among tech-savvy pet parents.
3. Design: Many commend the modern design, noting it fits seamlessly into contemporary homes.
4. Ramp Feature: Owners of elderly cats or those with joint issues appreciate the easy access the ramp provides.
5. Health Insights: The ability to monitor signs of potential health concerns gives cat owners added peace of mind.


The Ultimate Self- Cleaning Cat Litter Experience Awaits

Unparalleled Convenience & Cleanliness
There’s a revolution in the world of feline care, and it’s the Litter-Robot 3 Connect & Ramp by Whisker. Designed for the tech-savvy pet parent, this innovative product brings a blend of cutting-edge technology and unyielding convenience right into your living space. Forget the days of manually scooping out litter; let this device do the heavy lifting for you. With its advanced self-cleaning mechanism, you’ll be left with a perpetually clean litter space that your cat will adore.

Connected, Smart, & Reliable
Dive into the age of smart pet care with the Litter-Robot 3 Connect feature. Sync it to your smartphone and gain insights about your cat’s health, litter status, and more. No more guessing games – get notifications directly on your device when it’s time to refresh the litter or address any potential health concerns. This isn’t just an automatic litter box; it’s your feline’s personal wellness monitor.

Enhanced Design for Feline Comfort
No more messy litter areas. The Ramp ensures your pet has easy access, while also catching stray bits of litter from their paws, ensuring a tidier space around the box. The ergonomic design means it’s easy on their joints and inviting for cats of all ages. Crafted with their utmost comfort in mind, this litter box ensures your feline friend feels pampered every time they step in.



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