Alpine Corporation MLT102 Mirror Waterfall Fountain




– Towering Presence:** Standing at 72 inches, it’s a visual masterpiece in any setting.
– Integrated Lighting:** Offers a delightful play of light and shadow during the evenings.
– Quality Craftsmanship:** Robust construction promises longevity and durability.
– Nature Meets Design:** Natural stones bring a touch of the outdoors inside.
– Soothing Sounds:** The flowing water replicates the calming sounds of a gentle stream.*Cons:
– Space Requirement:** Due to its height, it needs a suitable spot to stand out and fit well.
– Power Dependency:** Requires electricity for the lighting and water flow.

What Customers Love:
– Sight and Sound:** Many adore the mesmerizing blend of the water’s reflection and sound.
– Conversation Starter:** It has become a focal point in many homes, sparking compliments and discussions.
– Easy Setup:** Despite its grandeur, users appreciate its straightforward installation.
– Ambiance Enhancer:** The soft lighting uplifts the ambiance, making evenings more magical.
– Feels Natural:** The incorporation of natural stones gives it an authentic touch, making spaces feel more organic.


Enchanting Aesthetics
Elevate your living space with the Alpine Corporation MLT102 Mirror Waterfall Fountain. Designed with precision and unparalleled craftsmanship, this elegant silver structure stands at an impressive 72 inches, allowing it to be both a visual centerpiece and a serene auditory experience. The gentle cascade of water over its mirrored surface not only captivates the eyes but also soothes the ears, instantly creating a calming ambiance in your home or garden.

Illuminate Your Evenings
With its integrated lighting system, the Mirror Waterfall Fountain brings a soft, romantic glow to any setting. As the evening sun dips below the horizon, this fountain’s shimmering reflection paired with the mesmerizing play of lights turns your space into a tranquil oasis. It’s the ideal backdrop for intimate gatherings or peaceful solo moments after a long day.

Natural Harmony
Accompanied by natural stones, this fountain seamlessly blends the beauty of human-made artistry with elements of nature. The soft clinking of the stones coupled with the flowing water recreates a harmonious melody reminiscent of a pristine alpine stream, providing an organic touch to modern aesthetics.



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