Minx Ny Cell Phone Socks Winter White Lavender Bottom


$25.00 $20.00

The perfect way to hide your mobile addiction and still take part in activities. Minx Ny Cell Phone Socks White Lavender Bottom are so comfortable and very stylish. Easy care machine wash with like colors, line dry, cold water, and wash inside out.

Back again as this season's hottest Christmas gift, practically sold out elsewhere. Limited supplies hurry purchase Minx Ny Cell Phone Socks White Lavender Bottom.

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  • A comfortable pillow like feeling for your feet
  • Cell phone sock holder and secret hideaway
  • Scented calming lavender
  • Color in winter white and lavender bottom (product specifications and color may vary from photo)
  • Fluffy soft made with 100% polyester
  • Pre-boxed packaged ideal for gift giving
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